DiSARM API Infrastructure

For a very quick-start, watch a real-time walkthrough of creating an infrastructure from scratch, using Docker Playground, OpenFaaS and a new (simple!) function from a template (12 minutes).
We use three main open source components in the DiSARM API infrastructure:
  • OpenFaas - Functions-as-a-service platform
  • Portainer - container management
  • Traefik - reverse proxy to handle routing
Configuration is documented and described in the disarm-faas-docker repo, in both the README and the wiki.


We have also built a dashboard for monitoring and running the deployed functions, with instructions for installing this. This is not necessary for deploying and running algorithms, but does provide some useful functionality including quick testing and monitoring numbers of calls. Full details in the repo.
The dashboard is also provides a simple interface for running any deployed algorithm.