Running algorithms

This page is intended to help developers, or public health officers with understanding of HTTP requests. For details on the user interfaces as a way to interact with algorithms, please see User interfaces.
The major benefit of the API approach is being able to call the algorithms from any system that can send an HTTP request. This is often referred to as integrating the API into another system. Integration will usually require basic technical skills, but these are very generic, transferable skills, and not tied to the algorithm.
From the developer's perspective, the basic procedure is to:
  1. 1.
    prepare a request, usually containing data from the source system
  2. 2.
    send the request to the algorithm
  3. 3.
    wait for the processing to complete
  4. 4.
    receive the response, and do something with this
The following sections describe how to build, start and run a containerized algorithm on your local machine. It is also possible to run several containerized algorithms which requires a different approach. See the section Managing an example API infrastructure for details on how the DiSARM project did this using OpenFaaS.
We also describe the detail of an integration example in DHIS2 integration example.