Building a containerized algorithm

The simplest way to use a containerized algorithm, such as the existing DiSARM algorithms, is to run the container on your local machine and interact with it through port 8080. To do this you need to:
  1. 1.
    Make sure docker is installed on your machine
  2. 2.
    Make sure the faas -cli is installed on your machine. We use some of OpenFaaS' command line functions to help build and run containers.
  3. 3.
    If you are using an algorithm available as a GitHub repo, clone the repository to get hold of the necessary algorithm code.
  4. 4.
    Build the container using the command line by navigating to the folder with the stack.yml file and running
> faas build
This will build a container which will be named according to the image field of stack.yml. The first time you build a container it could take a while as it is obtaining all the necessary dependencies required to run the algorithm. It is also possible to run the command faas build --shrinkwrap which builds the container in faster, simplified way using local libraries instead of installing these on the container itself. We would recommend not using this approach, in order to ensure you are working in the same environment as others will be when they use your algorithm in the future.
Once built, you are ready to start and run the containerized algorithm. These are covered in the following sections.